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Why Us:

Smaller course means more personalised tuition and more flexibility in the course content. There is an opportunity for participants to work on their own projects and problems in addition to the structured worked examples.

You can do a day’s work on our courses and take it with you at the end of the course.

Java & C#:

Full range of courses and on site customised training

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Our Computer Courses:

Because of our background in training you will cover more practical content in less time and more enjoyably.

Competition is minimised, errors are seen as learning experiences, participants experience success and achievement and the atmosphere is one of lightness and fun.

Our Testimonials:

"I wish I had attended months before, finding quick ways to do things has saved me a lot of time!."

"Being flexible and able to work on my own projects was a bonus."

"It was great to be in a smaller group it made it easier to learn."

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