Access - Introduction

Take your data management and analysis skills to new heights with our comprehensive and practical introductory course on Microsoft Access. Designed specifically for adult learners and office professionals, this course empowers you with the essential skills and knowledge to efficiently organize, manipulate, and leverage data using this powerful database management system.

Whether you have limited experience or are completely new to Access, our expert instructors will guide you step-by-step through the fundamental concepts and functionalities of this robust software. By the end of the course, you will have mastered the core techniques and gained confidence in using Access to streamline data management, create powerful databases, and generate insightful reports.

Unleash the full potential of Microsoft Access and become a master of data management. Join our introductory Microsoft Access course today and gain the skills needed to organize, analyse, and leverage data effectively. Book now and take the first step towards Access mastery!


  • Starting and exiting Access
  • Using the menus and help
  • Opening and closing a database
  • Aspects of the database window


  • Using a database
  • Changing from table to form view
  • Moving and resizing columns and rows
  • Formatting the table


  • Create a table
  • Define fields
  • Choose data types and field properties
  • Setting default entries and validating data
  • Delete, insert and rearrange fields
  • Using the primary key and indexes


  • Finding a record
  • Sorting the database
  • Create a filter, specify criteria. apply and save


  • Entering query criteria
  • Choosing columns to show
  • Calculating totals and averages
  • Saving and modifying a query


  • Designing a report using Report Wizard
  • Grouping Fields
  • Summary Information
  • Detail Properties, Headers and Footers

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3 hours 10am - 1pm or 1:30 - 4:30
4 or more people - $150 + GST (per person)
3 people - $175 + GST (per person)
1 or 2 people - $205 + GST (per person)
Evening Class 2½ hours 5:30pm - 8:00pm $90 + GST

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3 people - $250 + GST (per person)
2 or fewer people - $275 + GST (per person)


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