Accelerated Learning Courses Auckland - City

Why are we different?

What we specialise in is 3 hour small customised targeted training sessions.

It is professional development training that is practical with immediate application in your work. Straight away there will be a saving in time and frustration through understanding what the program is capable of doing and by working faster with the quick keys - plus tips and techniques to make your work look better and save you time.

These short 3 hour courses are easily fitted into a busy working week. They are aimed at those familiar with using Microsoft Office programs who want to improve their skills and find faster ways of working.

Many years of experience has enabled us to develop this special accelerated learning system. Using our special accelerated learning system much is covered in just 3 hours, in an enjoyable way and with practical examples. Full course notes are e-mailed to each participant.

Courses are in three levels

  • Introduction/Intermediate for users of Office programs
  • Intermediate/Advanced for more experienced users.
  • Advanced

One 3 hour evening session

(Daytime courses may be available)
  • 2 or more people - $75 (per person)
  • 1 person - $90