Visio - Accelerated Introduction


  • Enable or disable AutoConnect
  • Add and glue connectors with AutoConnect
  • Use AutoConnect while dragging shapes onto the page
  • Use AutoConnect with shapes on the page


  • Align, evenly space or connect shapes
  • Create a custom shape and favourites Stencil
  • Copy shapes to My Shapes

Themes & Colours

  • Apply a theme
  • Create a custom theme
  • Duplicate a theme
  • Edit a custom theme
  • Copy a custom theme to another drawing
  • Prevent themes from affecting a shape
  • Remove a theme from a shape
  • Delete a custom theme


  • Add a background
  • Create a background page
  • Quickly create a background page using a background shape
  • Edit a background page

Excel and Other External Data

  • Import data from Excel and other external sources
  • Step 1: Import your data
  • Step 2: Link rows of data to shapes in your drawing
  • Refresh the data in a drawing
  • Set Visio to automatically refresh the data in a drawing
  • Resolve conflicts between old and new data

Class Details

3 hours 10am - 1pm or 1:30 - 4:30
4 or more people - $150 + GST (per person)
3 people - $175 + GST (per person)
1 or 2 people - $195 + GST (per person)
Evening Class 2½ hours 5:30pm - 8:00pm $90 + GST


On your premisses or we can arrange a venue to suit.


Dates don't suit? Call or E-mail.