Visio - Accelerated Advanced

Shape Data

  • Add data to shapes
  • Add data fields to selected shapes
  • Add values to your data fields
  • View Shape Data
  • Create a reusable set of data fields
  • Add data fields to a master shape

Shape Colours and Numbers

  • Colour shapes according to their data
  • Colour shapes by value
  • Number Shapes dialog box

Shape Layout

  • Lay out shapes automatically
  • Re-layout shapes
  • Configure the shape layout

Pivot Diagrams

  • Create a PivotDiagram
  • About PivotDiagrams and data sources
  • Categories, levels, and nodes
  • Data sources
  • Parts of a PivotDiagram
  • Refresh the data in a PivotDiagram
  • Filter the data in a PivotDiagram
  • Customize the data in PivotDiagram nodes
  • Limit the number of nodes in levels
  • Link copied data to a sample PivotDiagram

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