Project - Accelerated Introduction


  • Creating views, using a table and a filter with a view, displaying a view


  • Entering a starting date, entering tasks, using the task entry view, using the task sheet, using the pert chart, changing task information
  • Assigning task relationships; using lead and lag time between tasks, setting constraints
  • Entering resources on the resource form, entering resources on the resource sheet assigning resources
  • Scheduling methods
  • Using base and resource calendars; setting the base calendar; changing a resource calendar
  • Using outlining and subprojects
  • Formatting; tables, Gantt and Pert charts
  • Naming and saving your project
  • Creating and linking sub-projects


  • Managing the schedule, checking project information, identifying critical tasks, identifying noncritical tasks, using filters to display other groups of tasks
  • Managing resources; checking resource allocation, using filters to display specific groups of resources, resolving resource overallocations
  • Tracking progress; updating the project


  • Printing a report; task report, resource report, periodic tasks report, periodic resources report, project summary report
  • Printing a view, changing the page setup, sorting tasks or resources

Class Details

3 hours 10am - 1pm or 1:30 - 4:30
4 or more people - $150 + GST (per person)
3 people - $175 + GST (per person)
1 or 2 people - $195 + GST (per person)
Evening Class 2½ hours 5:30pm - 8:00pm $90 + GST


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